st. Moran Pheobe Necklace
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st. Moran Pheobe Necklace

Easy to throw on, hard to look away. Three gleaming golden tracks converge, creating an illusion of an endless, fluid chain.
  • Plated to perfection in 18k and designed to last.
  • Our signature bold design that doesn't sacrifice quality for cool.
  • Feels and looks substantive on the neckline.

Phoebe is part of The Matrix collection, an ode to the interconnectedness of its infinite 18k golden links.

Made from premium quality materials, st. Moran jewelry is designed to last. At our atelier, we believe in crafting jewelry to withstand everyday wear without tarnishing.

The 15" Phoebe necklace is meant to be worn as a collar high up on the neckline, gracing the collarbone. The 17" version is a true necklace length. The fit will depend on the width of your neckline.

The links feel substantive, weighty, like jewelry crafted in another era, however made for this exact moment.